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NWE Waste Services Ltd is a trusted hazardous waste removal partner for Councils, Universities & Businesses

Industrial And Bulk Waste Disposal

Licensed to receive a vast array of waste streams.

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Industrial & Bulk Waste Disposal Solutions in Manchester

NWE Waste Services Ltd are based in the North West of England – Licensed hazardous waste disposal experts.

comprehensive bulk waste disposal services

Bulk waste disposal and various other industrial services form a comprehensive range of waste management services from NWE. We offer bulk hazardous waste disposal, tank cleaning, product lines, sumps, drains and interceptors as an example of what’s available. This service is fully backed with Certificate Cleansing matched to the customer’s standards.

excel in industry standards & best practice

Industrial and Bulk Waste Management is a service that NWE are well versed in, taking pride in delivery of services at very competitive rates. We follow all industry standards and best practise, exceeding customer expectations, achieved through our commitment to excellent one-to-one personalised customer service; we do not operate a call centre.

in-depth survey & risk assessment per task

To make sure our service offering maintains the highest level of quality and professionalism we carry out an in-depth survey to cover every possible aspect of the task in hand. An end to end risk assessment is always produced first to highlight any potential hazards and to minimise any risks that are associated with each project.

NWE provides everything you legally need to make sure your waste disposal runs smoothly.  Because we provide an all inclusive service you can leave everything to us – which reduces the time needed to spend on waste issues – this can be of significant benefit to many customers who are increasingly pressed for time…

Andy Marshall, Owner & Director


Inorganic acid waste, including hydrochloric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids are bulked and forwarded for treatment at a purpose-built treatment facility.
Alkali wastes are also bulked and forwarded for neutralisation.


Laboratory chemicals from schools, colleges, universities, & other industries are largely disposed of via recovery, recycling and incineration. A cataloguing service is available for larger clients whereby a chemist visits site to accurately list waste.


We can recover solvent from many solvent based waste streams. Contaminants can be removed through a distillation process reducing the need to manufacture virgin solvents.


We facilitate recycling & disposal of paint, aerosols, pesticide waste, pharmaceutical waste, electronic & electrical equipment (WEEE), redundant cleaning materials, contaminated packaging waste, surfactants, batteries, oils & lubricants.

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Frequently asked questions

From your initial phone call or online enquiry you will deal with the same person from start to finish, walking you through everything you need to do.

Identify the waste that you have and catalogue it, making sure to collate material safety data sheets where possible.  We provide a listing and packing service where you’re either unable to do it, or it requires specialist packing.

Once in receipt of a list we aim to provide a quotation within 24 to 48 hours; collections can be made in 5 working days from receipt of a purchase order.

Ensure the waste is safely stored in an easily accessible area: Ask a Question

NWE will generate the consignment note and labels on your behalf, plus organise suitable transport for the size of load.

All of our sites are Licenced by the Environment Agency, being audited by them on a regular basis.

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